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Porterhouse Cutlets

A "Cutlet" is a small social media video that is made for a specific purpose.
Usually used to advertise: Owners, Employees, Products, Services and more! Cutlets come in two forms: Hype Cutlets and Micro-Doc Cutlets.

à la carte

Customize with our a la carte menu! Add these extras to elevate the services listed above on our site

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Extra half-day

For larger projects, add an extra half-day of filming to capture more content. Perfect for filming multiples people on different days, showcasing projects from start to finish, or scheduling multiple interviews throughout.

$700 per Extra day

Extra VFX Work

Make your video stand out with Extra VFX! Beyond standard transitions and motion graphics, this option includes an additional half-day of filming for creating assets or filming extra VFX plates if needed.

$1000 per week

Document Event

Getting an award? Hosting a party for your customers? From big events to small gatherings, we've got you covered. Our full-day coverage ensures we capture every moment, and we'll tailor a custom-length video for you to keep.

Custom Price

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